Worcester To Increase Penalties For Eagles Ledge Trail Use

The town of Worcester, VT is considering increasing penalties for riding motorized vehicles on the Eagles Ledge trail and the Shepherd’s Hill trail. Along with the increased penalties, the town is looking to increase enforcement, in an effort to prevent further damage.

The Eagle’s Ledge Trail begins at the end of Eagle’s Ledge Road and connects into Elmore. The trail shows up on Google Maps as a road and on Jimapco’s popular Gazetteer maps. Town maps show the trail as a “legal trail”, but does not indicate the type of access allowed. Shepherd’s Hill Trail also shows up on Google Maps.

As with all roads designated as legal trails, motorcyclists should check with local selectboards to determine the type of access allowed. Frequently, motorized vehicles are barred from trails and carry fines and penalties if violated.

For more, see this article in the Burlington Free Press and this article in the Berkshire Eagle.

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