Vermont to Become Last State Where Side-by-Side Riding Is Illegal

In July, Vermont will become the only state in the nation where it is illegal for motorcyclists to ride side by side, when a Virginia law goes into effect making it legal in that state. The Virginia law was passed at the end of February and takes effect July 1.

Virginia had outlawed side-by-side riding previously, citing safety as a concern. Opponents of the practice said that side-by-side riding is dangerous if a rider needs to swerve.

“In the absence of statistics that indicate this is blatantly unsafe, it’s just another reason to somehow harass motorcyclists for something they don’t believe is an issue,” said AMA government relations manager, Imre Szauter, to RVANews in Virginia. “If there are circumstances where riding side by side is appropriate, and it can be done in a safe manner, we believe that the code should be modified.”

“It is often helpful for riders to be able to pull beside each other to communicate information – for instance, if they need to stop,” said sponsor of the Virginia bill, Delegate Tony Wilt. “This legislation allows them to do so.”

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