Vermont Motorcycle Roads

Below are descriptions of some of our favorite roads. Not all are loops. That is by intent, since we believe you can piece together good roads to create your own adventure!

NOTE: The new version of Google Maps broke our maps. We apologize for this (even though, frankly, it's not our fault!). We are currently looking for a work-around for this issue created by Google. Some of our most recent routes have Garmin GPX routes. These routes work with Garmin's Basecamp software. You do not need a Garmin GPS to use Basecamp. Basecamp is a free download, available here. Thank you for your patience!

Pittsford to Huntington on dirt roads
No one likes to be over dressed for a party. It can feel that way when you’re riding your knobby-tired dual-sport down a paved road, chugging along, wobbling the knobs into oblivion. You’re looking for dirt or gravel roads, but sometimes to get from here-to-there you to ride on pavement -- y...  read article
If you like your roads twisty, the Killington Twist should quickly become one of your favorites. The ride uses a mix of back roads and main roads and includes some of the best of south-central Vermont’s twisty-bits. In addition, the route does not follow the normal tourist route, so it shoul...  read article
Vermont-30 is your best choice, if you’re looking for a pleasant, scenic alternative to running US-route 7 between Middlebury and Manchester. VT-30 rolls and curves with open vistas east to the Greens and west to the Adirondacks, past lakes Bomoseen and St. Catherine. Unlike US-7, VT-30 has ...  read article
One of the best uses of a motorcycle is quickly eliminating negative thoughts. Quickly dropping thoughts of mortgages, jobs, and troubling responsibilities the quicker you go. This ride is designed for that purpose: taking you quickly through the uncluttered roads of Vermont’s north country....  read article
I first rode this route as part of the Mothers for Daughters benefit ride in May of 2012. The route has a bit of everything: low speed roads through tight villages, fast sweepers, views and good twisty sections. There is an optional dirt segment, passable by street bikes, for the more advent...  read article
Mount Equinox View
The Mount Equinox Skyline Drive toll road rises 3,140 feet in 5.2 miles from the base on VT-7A in Sunderland, VT to the summit of Mount Equinox at 3,858 feet. Along the way, there are shaded picnic areas and vistas to the south, east and west. The summit has a full 360-degree view of Vermont...  read article
View from the Hogback overlook
The Molly Stark Scenic Byway (Vermont Route 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington) offers riders history, iconic views, and fun, twisty riding when the traffic is right. Ride the Molly Stark early in the morning or midweek to increase your chances of having fun. Plan on stopping at the Hogback Mo...  read article
An epic ride includes it all: scenic vistas, challenging twisty bits, smooth straights, fast sweepers, good food and interesting stops. This ride qualifies. It will take an entire day to complete, combining technical riding, cruising, a gravel road section, good pavement and bad. Stops along...  read article
There isn't a sign announcing the border to the Northeast Kingdom, but it is somewhere northeast of Barre. As you travel north on VT-14, then VT-15, then VT-16 there are fewer and fewer houses and the roadside changes to a rural landscape. When you enter the Kingdom, you'll probably know it....  read article
Vermont Route 232 is a 14.6 miles long, tight technical, roller-coaster road through Groton State Forest. Repaved in 2010, the surface is near perfect, except for some mid-corner gravel from the newly constructed shoulders. The road is sporting-fun and runs through Vermont woods that are a w...  read article
Mount Philo, in Charlotte VT, has open western views of the Adirondacks and the Lake Champlain valley making it ideal for sunsets and late afternoon fall lounging. It is a great place for a picnic, bird watching or a leisurely ride....  read article
This ride is a local back roads favorite, shared by Neville Burt, of the famed Bondville Motorcycle Club. The ride begins and ends at Stone's Lodge on River Road in Bondville. It can be ridden in either direction, but we'll start by heading to the twisty bits first. The ride will keep you in...  read article
Bristol App-Gap Middlebury Gap loop
The Bristol, App Gap, Middlebury Gap ride contains four mountain passes in a 67 mile, two hour loop. The highlight of the ride is the 7 mile, 53 turn Appalachian-Gap, which is the best sport-bike road in the state....  read article
Vermont has just over 14,000 miles of roads. Approximately 8,000 miles are gravel or dirt and only 6,000 are paved. Obviously, the Vermont motorcyclist who dismisses all dirt roads is missing something....  read article
Bethel Mountain Road is a short road that connects VT-100 in Rochester to VT-12 just north of Bethel. The road features some nice twisty sections on the Bethel end and beautiful views to the east from the highest point of the road....  read article
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