Green Mtn Harley Moose Run and Kid Safe Raffle Raises Thousands

Green Mountain Harley Davidson and the Community High School of Vermont raffled off this year's Harley Time Project bike on Saturday, September 10th, to raise $13,500 for the KidSafe Collaborative. Harley Time is a program that integrates vocational training with high school courses, demonstrating the relevancy of the curriculum. Charles Ferriera of Charlotte won the 2003 Harley Davidson Nightrain raffle bike.

The raffle took place during the BBQ at the end of this year's Moose Run. The Moose Run, raises money for the Moose Foundation. The Moose Foundation helps injured riders. This year's run raised $800 for the cause.

The Nightrain project bike arrived at Green Mountain Harley last fall in boxes. Students from the Community High School of Vermont, working with technicians from Green Mountain Harley re-assembled the bike and customized it. The bike has a 103cu inch motor and a completely custom look.

Sally Borden, Executive Director of the KidSafe Collaborative, raised an additional $1,000 from the KidSafe board by donning motorcycle gear and revving up the raffle bike. The board challenged her and said they would donate the money if she got on a motorcycle. It was Borden's first time on a motorcycle of any kind, but she apparently enjoyed the experience. Later, David Pearson, General Manager of Green Mountain Harley, took Borden for her first ride ever.


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