Green Mtn Harley February Men's Night

My wife would argue that every night is men's night. Despite this, Green Mountain Harley Davidson had their first ever "official" Men's Night this past Wednesday. The private party had over seventy men in attendance, who enjoyed Switchback beer -- presumably in honor of the new Harley Davidson Switchback model -- wings from Wings Over Burlington and pizza from Leonardo's Pizza.

The men watched motorcycle videos and got a demonstration on how to pick up a fallen bike. Green Mountain's sales team gave presentations on the new Sportster 72 and Dyna Switchback models.

The Sportster 72 is a chopper-style Sporty, reminiscent of the early 70's era choppers. The floor model had an optional red, Big Flake, paint job that is truly beautiful. Other 70's era-styling cues were a 2.1 gallon "peanut" tank and a round air cleaner cover.

The Dyna Switchback comes equipped to cruise or tourer and can be changed from one purpose to the other in a less than a minute, as Porter from Green Mountain demonstrated. The model is a mix of old-school styling with modern Harley-Davidson technology.

Look for more men's nights from Green Mountain this coming season.


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