Vermont Dual Sport Motorcycle Mapping Example

Most maps are accurate enough for navigating heavily travelled roads or even most Vermont back roads. But when it comes to remote, less travelled routes, you need to compare multiple sources to determine the real story.

Here is an example:

Braintree Gap Road, Granville, VT

Braintree Gap Road is a class 4 road that runs between Granville, VT and VT-12A in Braintree, VT. The road is mostly used by loggers, 4WD and ATV enthusiasts and dual-sport motorcyclists. Road quality varies considerably with recent weather and the terrain features steeps, mud, rocks, huge water bars and other hazards.

Google shows the road as just another line on the map.

Google Maps Rochester Braintree Mtn Rd

Garmin’s Basecamp draws the road as a broken line, indicating that it’s not paved (which is accurate).

Basecamp Granville Braintree Mtn Rd

The VTrans map for Granville designates the road as Impassable/Untraveled. While “impassable” might not be true – at least not for a dual-sport with knobby tires – it is a road that demands some skill and respect.

VTrans Granville Braintree Mtn Rd

This is just one example: there are plenty of others. When evaluating roads, use multiple map sources to make your determination.

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