Vermont Motorcycle Features

Stock motorcycle exhaust
Representative Dave Sharpe, of Bristol, has proposed a motorcycle noise ordinance that he hopes will start conversation about how to prevent loud motorcycles from annoying residents of his district....  read article
Technician Chris Barry works with a student
A lecture on the Venturi effect is hardly riveting for high school students - especial ones with bulky troubles on their minds. But if a teacher can link the lecture to motorcycle carburetion, and give students a chance to see the wide intake openings and feel how they narrow in a Harley car...  read article
Building a $35,000 track bike isn't difficult. Pay knowledgeable people for their advice, buy what they tell you to and watch them bolt it together. If you turn the wrenches yourself, you can make your $35K go even further. But how easy is it to build a track worthy ride for $2,500?...  read article
Motorcycle-Vermont had a successful first season of operations, seeing traffic increase steadily each month during the 2009 season. Between June and September, 7,671 visitors came to the site, viewing over 21,400 pages...  read article
Supplies for putting a motorcycle up for winter
I'm not a quitter. I stay to the very end of the game, regardless of how obvious it is that my team is losing. And every year, I ride to the bitter end, knowing that team motorcycle loses to team ski season every year -- and every year -- I'll have to put my motorcycle away for the winter....  read article
George Fon and Bruce Brown
George Fon was riding lead on Route 17 in Starksboro, Appalachian Gap, at 9 p.m. on August 4 2007, when he looked into his rearview mirror and noticed that his riding partner, Bruce Brown of New Haven had disappeared from sight. Fon circled his bike and rode back to find Brown's helmet and 2...  read article
Winter motorcycle riding gloves
I stopped on the side of the road, fingers splitting in cold pain and grabbed my hot exhaust pipe with work glove covered hands. It was a short relief....  read article
Jean and Bob at Baker Pond
VT-100 deserves its reputation as Vermont's "must-do" road for motorcyclists. One Hundred is scenic, has a enough curves, sweepers, and straights to provide excitement, and offers good roadside stops and views. But VT-100's strength is also its greatest weakness. Because it offers so much, t...  read article
Your helmet does keep bugs off your face
When purchasing a motorcycle helmet buyers consider style, weight, color, graphics, certifications and the advice of friends. These are all important considerations, but the single most important factor to consider - fit - is often overlooked or poorly understood by many buyers and salespeop...  read article
Shelburne Museum
The difference between art and fine art is found in the details used to convey the purpose of the piece. The Full Throttle motorcycle exhibit now showing at the Shelburne Museum is full of the types of details that separate these bikes from the ordinary and places them into ...  read article
Riders by Lake George
June is big rally month here in the Northeast with Americade scheduled for June 1 through 6 and Laconia Bike Week June 13 through 21. While technically speaking the big bike events aren't in our state, they are on either side of i...  read article
Cyclewise of New Haven VT had their annual open house Saturday May 9th. The event was well attended with hundreds of area motorcyclists attending, despite threatening skies....  read article
Internet sites for planning your next ride
Now that the riding season is finally here for real, it's time to start doing some real riding. But, where to go? Will your favorite road be a torn up pile of scarified pavement and orange construction cones? How about speed traps? Is that diner over there edible or not? While too much resea...  read article
Rider watches Mountain Rider series while waiting for spring
If you're like most of us, the melting snow and warming sun has you thinking about your motorcycle. Maybe you've seen a few of the early fanatics out there already, braving the March wind and sandy roads. But, as I write this today, it is twenty degrees outside, so most of us as still just w...  read article
Vermont pit bike racing
What do you do when you love racing motorcycles, but the demands of family life take precedence over weekends away at the track? You start a local pit-bike racing series, of course! At least that is what Michael "Doc" Lemire of Burlington had in mind when he started Vermont Pit Bike Racing (...  read article
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