2014 Track Day Deals

Riders can save on 2014 track days by registering early.
Riders at NHMS in Loudon, NH round turn 10

Riders at NHMS in Loudon, NH round turn 10

With the re-opening of the road course at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, in Thompson, CT, the 2014 motorcycle track day season is looking good for New England riders. Thompson increases the number of tracks within four hours of Vermont to three and ground has broken on tracks in Palmer, Massachusetts and Tamworth, NH. When these tracks open, riders will have a wealth of tracks to ride.

The track day schools are taking advantage of the new venue to offer variety to their steady customers. Fishtail Riding School has announced dates at Loudon and Thompson and may add dates at NY Safety Track. Tony’s Track Days has booked dates at NY Safety Track and Thompson, and will likely add dates at Loudon and New Jersey Motorsports Park. The Penguin School has announced dates at Loudon, New York Safety Track and New Jersey.

The schools need to plunk down cash to reserve their dates with the tracks, so they offer incentives for early registration (which means savings for you). Many have discounts or memberships that offer better rates for riders who ride multiple days. Some of the deadlines for the deepest discounts have already past and some are closing in December.

Each school offers some level of instruction and each has their own approach and style. Choose a school that matches your objectives and has a style that suits you.

Make sure to check with your favorite track day school for deal deadlines and details on their programs.

See the Track Days page for a list of announced dates.

Fishtail Riding School

Fishtail focuses on the street rider and provides a high level of instruction for novice and intermediate track riders. Students in the Novice and Intermediate groups are assigned an instructor who works with the student all day. Classroom sessions between riding sessions introduce new techniques and provide a place for questions and answers.

Advanced riders will find less formal instruction, but will still have learning opportunities. For these riders, Fishtail covers advanced topics like trail breaking, advanced line selection and throttle control. They also do ride behind videos with critiques.

Fishtail Riding School is offering their High Flyer program again this season. The discount gives rider’s $40 off the regular track day price– a savings that ranges from 15% - 22%. To get the discount, you must purchase 5 or more days as part of single transaction before their first track day on May 5 th, 2014. The High Flyer deal ends with their first track day.

See Fishtail’s web site for complete details on dates and prices.

Tony’s Track Days

Tony’s Track Days has grown rapidly over the past three seasons, with an emphasis on instruction and fun for the sport rider. The group has nurtured a loyal following with a sense of community, frequently having group dinners the night before a track day or evenings between days of multi-day events.

Tony’s has been innovative in creating deals for riders looking to ride multiple days. Their membership program offers incentives to riders who join early and for family membership. If you plan on riding at least five track days in 2014, Tony’s membership program will save you money. You can also get deals on tires, which can provide substantial savings.

Tony’s offers the deepest membership discounts in the fall and the cheapest time to buy has already past. The final discounted level expires at the end of December. After that, Tony’s membership program reverts to full price – which will still save you money if you ride 5 or more days.

For details on Tony's 2014 season, see their web site.

Penguin Roadracing School

At 41 years old, the Penguin Roadracing School is the oldest track riding school in the country. With an emphasis on preparing racers and helping fast riders go faster, the Penguin School may be intimidating for some. In the past several years, however, the school has broadening their appeal to street riders with their Track Experience Course, designed for street riders who want to experience the track without the race atmosphere.

Penguin runs three different courses during a single track day. The Track Experience is for street riders and is strictly a non-race environment. The Basic Course is a racer’s prep course that is the first step in getting your racing license. The Advanced Course is for experienced riders looking to improve their skills.

Penguin offers discounts through their four Learn to Fly packages. All of their packages include: a Sponsor Package that provides discounts to members on gear and motorcycle components; Mechanical/Crash Insurance, which provides credit towards a future event if things go bad before lunch; Partner Share Track Access, which allows members to experience new race tracks in non-Penguin partner days; Referral Credits, gives $30 tuition credit to riders who refer others to Penguin; Post Registration Fee Reduction, which reduces the late registration fee; and, a Free Penguin tee-shirt.

For complete details on Penguin’s Learn to Fly packages, see their Learn to Fly Package Deals page.

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