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I didn’t know I needed a “Fire When Ready” Bike Alarm-Sonic Weapons Center when I set out for the Northeast Kingdom, but that is how it works when you ride up there on a motorcycle. You never know what it is you need when you begin, but you always find something. In my case, I found the Evan...  read article
This ride features sweepers, new pavement (2007) and a nice destination -- Lake Willoughby. Lake Willoughby is one of deepest lakes in Vermont at 300' and has a nice public beach with a bath house for changing....  read article
An epic ride includes it all: scenic vistas, challenging twisty bits, smooth straights, fast sweepers, good food and interesting stops. This ride qualifies. It will take an entire day to complete, combining technical riding, cruising, a gravel road section, good pavement and bad. Stops along...  read article
There isn't a sign announcing the border to the Northeast Kingdom, but it is somewhere northeast of Barre. As you travel north on VT-14, then VT-15, then VT-16 there are fewer and fewer houses and the roadside changes to a rural landscape. When you enter the Kingdom, you'll probably know it....  read article
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