Vermont Motorcycle Features

Come out and join your fellow riders at Donnies Pizza in Winooski this coming Tuesday night, 5:30 to 8:30. The motorcycle bike night is open to motorcycles of all makes and models, though sport-bikes are especially encouraged to attend. ...  read article
I have been riding a motorcycle for about 20 year and until this past Labor Day, I had never seen a fellow motorcyclist down on the pavement when I was riding. It was sobering, especially since it was the second crash scene we had come across during the ride and the third in the past month! ...  read article
Recent rains severely damaged VT-125 in Hancock. The road damage is most noticeable when riding west to east, since the river boarders the road on the south side. The road is passable, but there are sections of gravel and broken pavement on the eastbound side. Westbound riders should also b...  read article
Here at we would never propose riding in excess of the posted speed limit. Always ride within your abilities, seek out advanced training and wear your gear -- full face helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots (at least). That said, we hate to see unnecessary donations to to...  read article
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