Vermont Motorcycle Features

Julie Graves
Powder coating can withstand impact and the application releases no volatile organic compounds, making powder coating more durable and less harmful to the environment than paint. Until recently, however, paint has had the clear advantage in looks. That is changing, as the finish options for ...  read article
The unique front fairing of the VFR1200F
The new for 2010, Honda VFR1200F is full of high-tech engineering like a 28-degree-phase crankshaft, asymmetric cylinder layout, throttle-by-wire, ABS and a layered-concept fairing. Amidst the engineering specification gobbledygook it is easy to forget the most important feature: fun. Is the...  read article
Billy Snyder and Lisa Fennell of Jackson NJ dance at the Rutland block party
After two seasons of mediocre attendance and weak reviews, the Killington Classic Rally is back. This year, the rally was better organized, better attended and vastly improved over last year. The rally took place September 10th through 12th a in Killington VT....  read article
The GoPro Hero HD posing on my Ducati
Filming on board, point of view motorcycle movies, has gotten drastically easier in recent years with the advent of small, digital video cameras that record to flash memory. The GoPro Hero HD and GoPro Hero Wide are compact, wide angle, flash memory cameras that have a growing number of inno...  read article
2009 Street Glide on VT-58
Renting a Harley for a day is a great way to try something new or fulfill a life-long dream. The process is as simple as renting a Chevy and the result is far more enjoyable.For my ride to the Northeast Kingdom, I rented a 2009 Street Glide. The same day, another rider rented a bike to ride ...  read article
The Bowling Ball Pyramid on Route 58
I didn’t know I needed a “Fire When Ready” Bike Alarm-Sonic Weapons Center when I set out for the Northeast Kingdom, but that is how it works when you ride up there on a motorcycle. You never know what it is you need when you begin, but you always find something. In my case, I found the Evan...  read article
Eric Adams of Monkton shows how to fly a car
I’m a sport rider. I like twisting, flowing roads, where I can feel the left-right-left transitions, bending corners and rolling road changes. Attaching a device to a bike that makes counter steering impossible is just crazy. So when I decided to attend the United Sidecar Association Nationa...  read article
Sue Slate speaks with women about her custom boots
Sue Slate, the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation National Programs Chair and a Kawasaki Motorcycle representative, does not let her 29 inch inseam prevent her from riding a motorcycle with a 35 inch seat height. Her mai...  read article
The Bad Ass Girls from Albany NY
If you arrive at a Woman on Wheels event in the middle of the day, you won’t find anyone there: they will all be out riding. These women are passionate about the sport, riding thousands of miles in a week. Women rode from Georgia, New York, Michigan, California, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Fl...  read article
Peter Tourin talks about his 75 Norton Commando restoration
Motorcyclists in the 1960’s and 70’s might have started on a Honda Cub, but then bought a Triumph T650 or a Norton 750 when they were ready for a big bike. The bikes were raw and required the rider to be as good with a wrench as they were in the seat. Routine maintenance had a different mean...  read article
Women wait for the track to open at the Women's Riding School. Photo by Tim Morse
The Women's Riding School track day teaches smooth riding that emphasizes fun and skill over speed. The school is unique in welcoming all styles of motorcycles and in their girls-only approach. For many, riding with other women is less intimidating and the concentration of competent, highly ...  read article
Commissioner Andy Pallito
The Community High School of Vermont donated the Harley Time project bike to the Moose Foundation at a celebration BBQ and donation ceremony, on Thursday May 27th at Oakledge Park in Burlington. The Moose Foundation will raffle the bike and use the proceeds to partially fund next year's Harl...  read article
While motorcycling is an individual sport, it is one that is most fun when done with others. Motorcyclists looking to connect with other riders can attend one of the events happening this May. With twelve events on the Motorcycle-Vermont calendar, there are events to suit cruiser, sport or t...  read article
Jean on SV650 track bike
Putting together a budget SV650 track bike takes time, patience and the ability to follow directions. It helps to have a budget that includes funds for the unexpected and an enthusiastic expert who can provide ready advice....  read article
Close up of SV650
Goals are a wonderful thing: they give us something to strive for and stretch our capabilities. In part 1 of Building a SV 650 Track Bike, we set the goal of building a track bike on a budget of merely $2,500. The final ...  read article
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