Vermont Dual Sport and Adventure Riding

View from a Vermont dirt road
Rider approaching a water crossing in the Vermont backcountry
Class 4 roads are not maintained. Pass at your own risk.

With miles of dirt and gravel roads, Vermont is ideal for dual-sport and adventure motorcycling. Our gravel and dirt roads provide challenge, history and adventure. Riders with small displacement dual-sports will like our rocky, single-track woods runs through hardwood forests. Large displacement adventure bikes, like the KTM Adventure, KLR650, DR650 and BMW GS will enjoy our mix of pavement, rural gravel roads and primitive dual-track.

Vermont offers camping and hotel accommodations that make multi-day trips easy. Riders looking for all inclusive tour packages should connect with Moto Vermont, the state’s dual-sport/adventure bike rental company. Moto Vermont also provides guided and self-guided tours and training tours.

Rider’s just starting out in the Vermont backcountry, should check out our Vermont Dual-Sport Resources guide. Riders of all levels will find our overview of Route Planning Resources for Vermont Dual Sport Riders helpful.


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