Klim Overland Jacket
Grabbing a handful of brakes leads to disaster, whacking the throttle open mid-corner is a recipe for a high-side and when it rains you get wet. These are all motorcycling truisms, until now, when technologies like traction control,...  read article
Rider from the Cyclewise crew rounds turn 11 at NHMS
Cyclewise Ducati-Vermont in New Haven wants to see you on the race track! The New Haven Vermont Ducati-Suzuki dealer began sponsoring track days for their customers several years ago and they now regularly bring twenty or more rider...  read article
Riders on the App-Gap ride past bumpier sign
Vermont-17, the App Gap, is known among New England motorcyclists as one of the best motorcycle roads in region. But, what was once the gem of Vermont motorcycle riding has now fallen into disrepair and is becoming increasingly dang...  read article
Alan Newman and Steve Mason listen to business pitches at the Lowell Barn Pitch
Motorcyclists have a tradition of stopping to help when they see another rider stranded by the side of the road. We’ve been there before: it’s lonely. We know what it’s like, so we stop and lend a hand. Starting a business in rural ...  read article

Up Coming Events

  • Third Annual Vermont Veterans Ride
  • Fresh Tracks Capital Road Pitch

    The 2015 Road Pitch is coming to town near you, August 3rd - 6th ! The unique event run by Fresh Tracks Capital of Middlebury, VT, combines motorcycling and economic development in an event that brings experienced business advice to rural Vermont.

  • UMV 2012 Toy Run

    The 2015 United Motorcyclists of Vermont Toy Run is Saturday August 8th.The annual Toy Run is the largest charity motorcycle ride in the State of Vermont, attracting hundreds of riders from around New England in support of the Shriner's Hospitals for Children. 

  • Gifford Medical Center - Last Mile Ride

    The Tenth Annual Gifford Medical Center Last Mile Ride to support of end-of-life care is on Saturday, Aug. 15, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enjoy a 75-mile escorted ride through Vermont, a continental breakfast, barbecue lunch and a commemorative pin. Pre-register before August 1st and you'll also receive a t-shirt.

  • 6th Annual Ride for Heroes

    The 6th Annual Ride for Heroes is on Saturday, August 15th in Brattleboro, VT. The ride supports our Uniformed Service Program for these brave men and women who struggle with addiction and depression as a consequence of their duty.


  • Road Pitch to Offer Prize Money to Top Pitches

    The FreshTracks Capital of Middlebury announced that this year's Road Pitch, in August will include cash prizes for top pitches at each of the eight stops on this year's tour. The Road Pitch event brings together motorcyclists and members of Vermont's entrepreneurial business community in a unique event where businesses pitch ideas to advisors and investors. 

  • Big Weekend for Events

    This coming weekend, June 26th-28th is a big weekend for Vermont motorcycle events with fund raising rides in Rutland, New Haven, Essex Junction and Williston. See the Events page for details on the Ruff Ride, the Piece Ride, the Red Knights Ride for Dodge House, and the Open House at Classic Bike EXperience. 

  • Floating Bridge Reopens

    The floating bridge on VT-65 in Brookfield has reopenned. The bridge, which is believed to be the only floating bridge in the country, was closed in 2008 for repairs when it's floatation system began to fail causing the bridge to be partially submerged. 

  • State of Vermont Publishes Road Paving Info

    Are you wondering whether your favorite set of twisties will be repaved this summer? Are you planning a road trip right into the middle of a construction zone? If so, then you should check out the the State of Vermont's online guide to summer paving projects.

Featured Roads

Rider on App-Gap
  • The Killington Twist

    If you like your roads twisty, the Killington Twist should quickly become one of your favorites. The ride uses a mix of back roads and main roads and includes some of the best of south-central Vermont’s twisty-bits. In addition, the route does not follow the normal tourist route, so it should also provide some relieve car-bound droning.


  • Flowing, Rolling, Take the Vermont-30 Alternative

    Vermont-30 is your best choice, if you’re looking for a pleasant, scenic alternative to running US-route 7 between Middlebury and Manchester. VT-30 rolls and curves with open vistas east to the Greens and west to the Adirondacks, past lakes Bomoseen and St. Catherine. Unlike US-7, VT-30 has no significant traffic lights between Manchester and Middlebury, and there is only a half-mile difference in distance between the two routes.

  • VT-232: A Sporting Ride Through The Woods

    Vermont Route 232 is a 14.6 miles long, tight technical, roller-coaster road through Groton State Forest. Repaved in 2010, the surface is near perfect, except for some mid-corner gravel from the newly constructed shoulders. The road is sporting-fun and runs through Vermont woods that are a worthwhile destination of their own.

  • Dual Sport Ride to The Natural Turnpike

    Vermont has just over 14,000 miles of roads. Approximately 8,000 miles are gravel or dirt and only 6,000 are paved. Obviously, the Vermont motorcyclist who dismisses all dirt roads is missing something.

  • Ride to Eden and Paradise

    One of the best uses of a motorcycle is quickly eliminating negative thoughts. Quickly dropping thoughts of mortgages, jobs, and troubling responsibilities the quicker you go. This ride is designed for that purpose: taking you quickly through the uncluttered roads of Vermont’s north country. A ride to Eden, around Jay Peak, to paradise and back.

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